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NavesHarris opens for Tiger’s Jaw in São Paulo!

My, oh my, what an incredible HONOR to open for the Tiger’s Jaw in São Paulo at Fabrique Club!

Thank you to everyone who came out– you made this show so incredibly special for us.




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Jump the Fence episode 1 has wrapped production!


We have officially wrapped episode one of our docu-series Jump the Fence: Around the World in Seven Films. The docu-series is now in the editing room for Episode One – Brazil!

Molly and I  traveled to Caraíva, Brazil in the State of Bahía to shoot Raízes, directed by filmmaker Ale Paschoalini.

Ian Stout and Weider Régis were our traveling crew, documenting the filmmaking process and all of our adventures. We couldn’t have asked for two better dudes.

We met tons of new people,

Explored beautiful new places,

And shot a new film!! OMG!!

What a success!

I am still basking in the glow of what we have accomplished.

And this never would have been possible without all of the generous contributions from our supporters. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU. <3


Stay tuned on social media, we will soon be relasing teasers and photos of our adventures! 🙂

Follow us on Instagram @jumpthefenceseries and check out at the tag #jtf_roots

Follow us on Twitter @Jump_the_Fence

Like us on Facebook @jumpthefenceseries

I cannot wait to share the rest of our incredible adventure with you.

One country down, 6 to go!!!

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JUMP THE FENCE is fully funded! THANK YOU!!

OMG CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! We are going #aroundtheworldin7films !!! 

What is Jump the Fence??

Jump the Fence is a new documentary series that follows three actors and best friends, as they embark on a global filmmaking adventure to star in 7 distinctive film projects in 7 different countries with 7 award-winning directors. It is both an exploration of the creative and technical aspects of the filmmaking process and an intimate look at the ups and downs these actors and their collaborators face. Profiling a new director in each country, audiences will experience with these unique individuals the challenges and exhilarations of the creative struggle, language barriers, travel predicaments, the bonds of friendship, the collision of cultures and the desire to grow both as artists and citizens of the world.

TRAVELOGUE IN NATURE, each country will become a character as Molly, Lacy, Britt and crew explore their host countries with a soundtrack featuring local musicians from each region.

Join them as they approach a wide variety of roles with their own unique sets of rewards and challenges. Watch the three of them grow as artists and friends throughout the series. Their adventures will highlight the drama and comedy inherent in best friends testing their bond in the hothouse of Independent Filmmaking and world-wide travel.

More than anything, Jump the Fence is a CELEBRATION OF INDEPENDENT FILMMAKING.

Thank you to EVERYONE who supported our Seed & Spark campaign, you have made this dream — a huge project two years in the making — a reality. 

Want to know more about Jump the Fence? Follow us on Instagram, FB, Twitter, and our site. We start filming the pilot episode THIS WEEK in Porto Seguro, Brazil!!




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NavesHarris plays at Breve!

Thank you to everyone who came out to support us at Breve!! What an incredible night. It was so lovely to have our dearest friends there and to meet so many incredible people, too. 

Thank you!!!! <3 <3 Photos by Fernando Yokota and Zeca Leme. 

Next month is a big month for NavesHarris! Keep an eye out here or on the social medias for postings on upcoming shows and recording news! YUUSSSSSSS



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Magic at Teatro Rotina <3

We had such a magical night at Teatro da Rotina on March 25th…! 


































From the bottom of our hearts, thank you to all who came. <3 You made this night an incredibly special one for us. 



XO, Britt



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Two Evil Actors releases new sketch: “Girl Love”!

Women and dudes,

I am proud of this one. Two Evil Actors has released its second sketch, “Girl Love”  (featuring special guest Philly Swain)! Grab your best Guuurl, a bottle of wine, and LET US WOO YOU.

Enjoy, my goddesses,


P.S. Check out the whole cast & crew here. They are what dreams are made of. 

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Check out NavesHarris on Show Livre!

Big thanks to ShowLivre in São Paulo who hosted us on their show!

Check out our live performance here or enjoy a couple snippets below! 🙂 Thanks to all who watched us LIVE!

Whoo hoo on to the next one! Thanks friends, fans, and family for your love and support! <3


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The Z Carniceria show was the best night of my LIFE.

Look! These photos PROVE IT!!

Thank you Rick Costa for the beautiful photos, and thank you to our family, friends, and fans who supported us on this special night. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.

With love,


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When Rolling Stone promotes your show…

… that’s when you know shit just GOT REAL, y’all.














Talk about some good advertising!! I am so excited to perform at Z Carniceria in São Paulo on Friday, January 13th (lucky Friday the 13th, baby!) in the most epic NavesHarris show yet. 

…And did I mention that we’ve assembled our full band?! CAUSE WE HAVE.











For tickets and other info, check out the livepass site here.

This Rolling Stone article was translated from the original Portuguese, so please check out the press in its original form here

Rock on betches,


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Our new EP hailed as one of the best of the year!!

Not a bad way to end the year…!!

Thank you, Popload!!! Check out the full article here. 🙂


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