JUMP THE FENCE is fully funded! THANK YOU!!

OMG CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! We are going #aroundtheworldin7films !!! 

What is Jump the Fence??

Jump the Fence is a new documentary series that follows three actors and best friends, as they embark on a global filmmaking adventure to star in 7 distinctive film projects in 7 different countries with 7 award-winning directors. It is both an exploration of the creative and technical aspects of the filmmaking process and an intimate look at the ups and downs these actors and their collaborators face. Profiling a new director in each country, audiences will experience with these unique individuals the challenges and exhilarations of the creative struggle, language barriers, travel predicaments, the bonds of friendship, the collision of cultures and the desire to grow both as artists and citizens of the world.

TRAVELOGUE IN NATURE, each country will become a character as Molly, Lacy, Britt and crew explore their host countries with a soundtrack featuring local musicians from each region.

Join them as they approach a wide variety of roles with their own unique sets of rewards and challenges. Watch the three of them grow as artists and friends throughout the series. Their adventures will highlight the drama and comedy inherent in best friends testing their bond in the hothouse of Independent Filmmaking and world-wide travel.

More than anything, Jump the Fence is a CELEBRATION OF INDEPENDENT FILMMAKING.

Thank you to EVERYONE who supported our Seed & Spark campaign, you have made this dream — a huge project two years in the making — a reality. 

Want to know more about Jump the Fence? Follow us on Instagram, FB, Twitter, and our site. We start filming the pilot episode THIS WEEK in Porto Seguro, Brazil!!




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