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When Rolling Stone promotes your show…

… that’s when you know shit just GOT REAL, y’all.














Talk about some good advertising!! I am so excited to perform at Z Carniceria in São Paulo on Friday, January 13th (lucky Friday the 13th, baby!) in the most epic NavesHarris show yet. 

…And did I mention that we’ve assembled our full band?! CAUSE WE HAVE.











For tickets and other info, check out the livepass site here.

This Rolling Stone article was translated from the original Portuguese, so please check out the press in its original form here

Rock on betches,


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Our new EP hailed as one of the best of the year!!

Not a bad way to end the year…!!

Thank you, Popload!!! Check out the full article here. 🙂


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NavesHarris Releases New EP!

THE DAY HAS FINALLY COME! My band, NavesHarris, has released a new EP!


You can listen on our bandcamp, soundcloud, youtube, and on all streaming services including iTunes and Spotify.

VICE’s Noisey premiered our songs in this article. A huge THANK YOU to our friends at VICE Noisey for sharing the love!!



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We are featured in Rolling Stone!

Oh yeah, THIS happened:


Best. Thing. Ever. Rolling Stone Brazil!! Say WHHHAAAAAAT!

Read the whole thing HERE.

More soon,


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Acoustic “Sunrise Session” released on Noisey

It was an absolute joy to record this sunrise session of NavesHarris‘s “Sleep” in Rio alongside Eduardo Praça (of band Quarto Negro, introducing his solo project here).

This was the first time Jair and I had recorded this track, and it will be featured officially on our upcoming EP that will be released later this week. What an honor to have “Sleep” featured on Vice’s Noisy first!

This beautiful video was directed and produced by José Menezes and Daniel Barosa, the directors also responsible for the magic behind our music video, “En Route to Rio“. They are mega-geniuses. 🙂 What a team!!

Check out the article in its entirety here. More big news coming SOON!



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